1992It all began in a garage

The modest foundations were laid in Stein, near Fuerth. In the early years, the company founder Erwin Wolf, Dagmar Kreis and a team of 13 staff produced a range of 12 butter pastries.

1994The hard work pays off

After its successful launch, our premises in Stein soon become too small. Our business moves to a larger production facility in Nuremberg. New products are created and the range is extended.

1998Well deserved promotion

Having been with the company since the start, Dagmar Kreis is appointed Managing Director. We now employ 74 full-time staff and 250 part-timers. Our product range has since multiplied.

2000A new home...

The wish for its own premises grows as quickly as we grow ourselves. Our new company premises are built in Fuerth, equipped with state-of-the-art production machinery, a high-bay warehouse and several offices.

2004...and a new family

Following the tragic road death of Dagmar Kreis, Erwin Wolf decides selling to the Martin Braun-Gruppe which is incorporated within the food division of the Oetker-Gruppe.

2006The site continues to grow

Our notable growth makes it necessary to build a new complex on the same site. The second facility, that has a capacity for 5 production lines, a deep-fry donut line and a high-bay warehouse for up to 5,000 bays, is commissioned.

2009Our deep-frozen pastries take on the world

By 2009, we are selling our deep-frozen pastries to more than 20 countries. Our products can be enjoyed outside Germany in countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, the Baltics, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Japan, Australia and the US.

2016Deeply rooted in the region

With a new social block for up to 800 staff, we invest in our future. Work on the third production facility starts on the 20th of October 2016. By expanding the location in Fuerth, we are once again showing our commitment to our southern German heritage.

2018A full range of deep-frozen bakery goods

Diversi Foods joins the Martin Braun-Gruppe and becomes our sister firm within the Frozen Bakery Division. The Belgian company predominantly specialises in different types of bread and bread rolls while we focus on puff pastry bakes and snacks. The collaboration means that we now offer a complete range of high-quality deep-frozen bakery goods.

2021New owners

The Oetker-Gruppe is splitting into two.
With the Martin Braun-Gruppe, we are becoming part of
Geschwister Oetker Beteiligungen KG.