Our core competencies

A passion for deep-frozen bakery goods

Fresh, works every time, as if you’d baked it yourself. This is how we, at Wolf ButterBack, would describe our products. Together with our sister company Diversi Foods, which specialises in bread and bread rolls, we can offer you a full range of premium-quality, deep-frozen bakery goods. This includes, among others:

  • fine flaky croissants
  • sweet pastries
  • savoury snacks and
  • selected speciality breads and bread rolls.


Are you a supplier of fresh bakery goods and interested in our broad spectrum of products? Simply choose the pastries that complement your range.

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Deep-frozen bakery goods of the highest quality

We, at Wolf ButterBack, have been developing and producing deep-frozen bakery goods at our only production and administrative facility in Franconia for more than 30 years. Our appreciation of tradition and our progressive thinking are infused in the production of our deep-frozen bakery goods.

Tradition and progress

Our recipe for success is simple: All our products are made with many manual steps and to a high level of craftsmanship. State-of-the-art technology supports us in this endeavour, helping us to guarantee consistent quality. Constant quality checks ensure our exacting standards are always upheld. For many years in succession, we have been awarded “higher level” certification by the IFS (International Food Standard).

Excellent raw ingredients

Creating enjoyment and quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our pastries are made from choice raw ingredients, such as pure branded butter for a natural and balanced flavour. We allow all our doughs to rest for up to 8 hours after processing. This creates an open crumb which keeps our products fresh for a long time after baking. In addition, our fillings are mostly based on our own tried-and-trusted recipes.

Regional suppliers

To guarantee the quality of our raw ingredients, we strive for maximum transparency in the selection of our suppliers. At the same time, we are committed to strengthening the local economy. Almost 90 % of our suppliers are from Germany. 40 % of them are located within a 100 km radius of our facility in Fuerth.

Constant innovation

As experts in the production of deep-frozen bakery goods, we know what makes the market tick. We also appreciate the importance of providing you with a diverse and varied range of products. That is why we are constantly working on new and innovative ideas. During the development stage, we respond not only to current trends but also to local market needs.


Interested in learning about our sustainability drive and our commitment to quality? Find out more about our exacting quality standards.

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Your partner for deep-frozen bakery goods

Our secret ingredient? The team behind the Wolf ButterBack name. Forever breathing new life and energy into our brand, our team constantly strives not just to meet but also surpass your expectations. This means we have not one, but more than 600 aces up our sleeve. We have true professionals working in every area of our business, contributing their experience and expertise in their designated specialist field.

Our production

At our production facility, we employ skilled staff including trained bakers, who apply their expertise and knowledge in the production of our bakery goods. This gives our deep-frozen bakery goods their handcrafted appearance and characteristically fresh flavour – "as if you’d baked them yourself”. You can also benefit from our specialist knowledge in a more direct way. We can develop and produce bespoke products based on your own requirements. Together, we can bake buttery croissants, sweet pastries, and savoury snacks to satisfy every appetite.

Our sales representatives

Outside our production facility, we like to provide our customers with quality care every day. Our sales force has years of experience in and a regional connection to our industry. Together with our team of technical advisors, all of whom are fully trained bakers, we can offer you bespoke solutions for all your needs. Our committed and highly motivated service team in Fuerth is always on hand to answer any questions you may have about our products and our company.


Would you like to speak to a member of staff? Then, simply give our sales representative a call.

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Deep-frozen bakery goods and excellent service

We have a lasting passion for bakery goods. Not only can you taste our dedication in every bite, but you can also experience it in our high level of service. As a baker, creator of new ideas and consultant, we would like to support you in your daily work by helping you meet the needs and demands of your customers – and shaping the success of your business.

Promoting your sales

Our highly trained and creative minds are here to assist you with any questions or requirements you may have. We also offer a wide selection of measures to stimulate your sales, including personalised posters and practical tips. We have many great ways to help you generate more business.

Customer Service Portal

You can even count on us outside normal working hours. Our Customer Service Portal is filled with detailed information, helpful tips, and creative ideas, available to you 24 hours a day.


Interested in benefitting from our service-led mentality? Use our diverse range of services to grow your business.

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