Our quality criteria

Excellent raw materials

Our product specifications provide you, our customers, with maximum traceability and are available for download from our Customer Service Portal. To help you with your in-store product labelling in compliance with Food Information Regulations, we provide you with neutral forms featuring any allergens and additives contained within our products. This ensures that you are always on the safe side with all our products.

GM food - no thanks

We steer away from all genetically modified ingredients in compliance with EU Regulations (EC) 1829/2003 and 1830/2003. Our suppliers are committed to the strict observance of this basic requirement for all raw ingredients used in Wolf ButterBack products. To ensure compliance, we also carry out random checks on a regular basis.

Palm oil - sustainably grown

Palm oil has many positive attributes, such as excellent spreading properties and a firm consistency. However, the mass-cultivation of oil palms leads to the widespread deforestation of the rainforests. That is why we attach much importance to using sustainably grown palm oil. As part of the group Geschwister Oetker Beteiligungen KG, we are a member of the “Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil” (RSPO) and are certified in compliance with the RSPO Standard "MB" (mass-balanced) and "SG" (segregated). As an organisation, the RSPO is committed to promoting the sustainable farming of palm oil around the world, awarding certification along the entire supply chain.

Fewer additives

We keep a close eye on the use of additives and avoid them where possible. For example, we never use sweeteners and none of our standard products contains the flavour enhancer glutamate. We largely do without food colouring, preservatives and antioxidants.

Avoiding hydrogenated fats

We have managed, with just a few exceptions, to eliminate hydrogenated vegetable fats from our bakery goods. Only where technologically impossible, such as in some of our fillings, e.g. in quark, do we still use hydrogenated fats.

Clean Label

To improve transparency for our customers with regard to the avoidance of specific additives, hydrogenated fats and palm oil, we make explicit reference to their absence on our product pages. The claim no palm fat/oil takes into account parts greater than 0.01 %.

Vegetarian - what do we think this means?

Our range includes a whole host of vegetarian products. Our understanding of vegetarian is to avoid any animal-based products with the exception of milk and dairy products, eggs and honey. Given that a legally binding definition does not yet exist, we have adopted the prevailing view of the vegetarian societies. As soon as a mandatory regulation comes into force, we will, of course, implement it without delay.

Regional suppliers

When purchasing our raw ingredients, we prefer to use suppliers from our region. Short transportation routes are kinder to the environment and help guarantee quality, particularly in the case of fresh ingredients. We buy almost 90 % of our ingredients from suppliers based in Germany. Of these, 40 % come from sources less than 100 km from our headquarters in Fuerth.