Conditions of Delivery

1. Vehicles for goods delivered on pallets

The goods have to be easily accessible and will only be unloaded from the back via ramp. Due to technical reasons, unloading from the side is not possible. The vehicles have to be equipped with a hydraulic platform. Otherwise, the vehicle can only be unloaded if the loading sill has a min. height of 1.5 m.


2. Transport with other goods

The transport of food articles with non-food articles is forbidden (§ 3 food hygiene guidelines and IFS guidelines).


3. Shipping documents

The goods must be accompanied by a delivery note. The delivery note must be attached to the goods (e.g. pallet, box) in an envelope/protective bag. The delivery note must include our order number. Delivery notes have to be in German or English language. In some cases preliminary certificates might be necessary, they need to be made available to us before delivery date.


4. Times for acceptance of deliveries

Monday - Friday
7.00 am – 3.30 pm

- Plant 1:  Magazinstraße 77, D-90763 Fuerth
- Plant 2:  Hans-Bornkessel-Straße, D-90763 Fuerth
- Plant 3:  Hermann-Glockner-Straße, D-90763 Fuerth


5. EU pallet quality

The delivery of the goods takes place only on high-bay storage and suitable for automatic conveying technology EURO pallets. Ideally, plastic pallets (H1) are used, apart from merchandise and TK fruit and TK vegetables. EU pallets cannot be used if

- a board is missing or broken diagonally.
- floor or side boards are split in a way that two or more nail and screw ducts are visible in one board or that one or more nail and screw ducts are visible in more than two boards.
- a bottom block is missing or broken/split so that more than one nail and screw ducts are visible.
- improper parts have been used for repair (e.g. boards or blocks that are too thin, too narrow or too short).
- the load capacity is no longer guaranteed due to the bad overall condition (rotten, brittle or several split boards and blocks).
- the pallets show signs of weathering due to high humidity.
- the pallets are so dirty that the goods might be contaminated.

Damaged or overloaded pallets will not be accepted. Additional work caused by damaged or overloaded pallets or pallets not corresponding with EU pallet standard (according to GS-1) will be invoiced to you. Pallets will be exchanged one by one, provided number and condition of the pallets are the same.


6. Conditions for acceptance of deep frozen raw materials and traded goods

The goods have been metal detected by the supplier. Temperature at time of delivery is ≤ -18° C. The outside of the boxes has to be marked with lot number/code and BBD that corresponds with the delivery note.


7. Labelling of raw materials and traded goods

Following conditions have to be observed.

Concerning pallet delivery:

1. Delivery note

- must include our order number
- language has to be German or English
- must include best-before-date (BBD) and lot number, corresponding 100 % with the goods

2. Pallets

- only one BBD per pallet
- Every pallet needs to be provided with a pallet label corresponding with the delivery note. Every pallet is tightly wrapped, there are no loose ends of the foil.

3. Boxes

- Every box needs to be provided with a label corresponding with the delivery note.
- The boxes are neatly closed.
- The boxes are stable and stacked straight on top of each other.
- Please note that boxes without label and/or boxes that are not closed will be refused.

Concerning silo delivery:

The delivery note must contain our order number.


8. Tanker requirements

1. Silo vehicles

The tankers in use are intended exclusively for food articles and must be marked accordingly. The forwarder must carry a cleaning certificate confirming the tidiness of the interior and all aggregates carried along. The vehicle must also be sealed.

The vehicles must have the following technical equipment:

- hose connection with coupling type VK 80, 100 oder MK 80, 100
- own compressor

2. Shipping documents

A weighing card must be enclosed with the shipping documents. The delivery note must contain our order number.

3. Samples

Before unloading, a sample is to be taken from the goods, which will be handed over to us by the driver in its original closed or sealed package.