Even more service for you!


The time has finally come

Our Customer Service Portal (CSP) has opened its doors.
We have been working hard for you over the last few months and are now very proud to present you a brand new and customer-oriented CSP.


A stimulating mix of creative ideas and helpful content awaits you

Wait, what's that? Briefly explained: Our CSP is a platform to support you in selling our products.
Log in immediately and start browsing right away:

  • delicious and quick recipes and practical tips for our products that are easy to follow
  • current and detailed product specifications for product labelling instore
  • professional and high-resolution product images for advertising
  • our complete product range with more detailed content


Individual content

You can create a list of favorites and download the recipes, product specifications and images you need in the daily running of your business. This content is collected on your personalised "My WBB" homepage so that the information of greatest interest to you is always close at hand.


We hope you enjoy discovering and using it!