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Spinach Twist with Feta Cheese
Item no.: 01095
Weight: 125g
A practical shape, tasty filling and vegetarian ingredients come together in this deliciously exquisite snack. made from laminated dough with sweetcorn and corn flour;with sunflower seeds;tangy spinach filling with feta cheese;sprinkled with sesame seeds;attractive shape, twisted by hand;wholly vegetarian
Cheese Stick
Item no.: 01160
Weight: 105g
Crispy puff pastry stick filled with cheese cream. crispy stick made with butter puff pastry;filled with a cheese cream with mozzarella and grated hard cheese;garnished with grated cheese;easy to eat
Ham and Cheese Stick
Item no.: 01170
Weight: 105g
Crisp puff pastry stick filled with a tasty ham and cheese filling. crispy stick made with butter puff pastry;filled with cooked ham cubes in a cheese cream with Gouda and Edam;garnished with grated cheese and Provençal herbs;easy to eat
Raisin Spiral
Item no.: 30805
Weight: 150g
Crisp laminated yeast dough spiral with fine sultanas and delicate vanilla cream. high-quality butter croissant pastry with a crisp surface;filled with plenty of vanilla cream;aromatic sultanas;enhanced balance between the pastry and filling (60%/40%);a classic in the bakery counter
Laugen Multi-Grain Triangle
Item no.: 31156
Weight: 100g
Multi-grain triangle snack with a savoury lye coating and a finely seasoned grain garnish. Multi-grain pastry laminated with butter, with linseeds, bruised grain from whole rye and whole wheat flour;Savoury lye coating;Garnished with a lightly seasoned, crunchy multi-grain mix with chopped pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds;Triangular shape ideal for fillings
Donut crown
Item no.: 37570
Weight: 70g
Fine yeast-leavened dough, attractively plaited and deep-fried for a golden-brown finish. soft deep-fried donut with a uniform and attractive appearance;plaited and shaped into a crown by hand ;fried until golden brown with a white collar;sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon;simply defrost and serve

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