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Cruffin Vanilla-Choc
Item no.: 30111
Weight: 105g
An innovative fusion of muffin and croissant with a delicious chocolate and vanilla filling. innovative combination of croissant pastry and chocolate muffin mixture with crunchy dark chocolate chunkstopping made with a high-quality cooked vanilla cream;surrounded by a practical and attractive wrap;hand-crafted and unique blossom shape;offers many options for decoration and presentation;practical packaging comprising reusable baking trays
Cruffin Cherry-Choc
Item no.: 30116
Weight: 105g
Innovative croissant pastry in a muffin cup with a fruity cherry filling on a delicious chocolate cake. delicious combination of croissant pastry and chocolate muffin mixture with crunchy dark chocolate chunks;fruity cherry filling with 60% fruit content;pastry in an attractive wrap;unique blossom shape created by hand-crafted production steps;many decorative options;practical packaging comprising reusable baking trays
Plain Donut
Item no.: 36625
Weight: 45g
Soft yeast donut with a fine texture – the perfect base for creative decorations. fine yeast donut with a very soft texture;ideal for decorating yourself
Dark Donut
Item no.: 36630
Weight: 52g
Tasty yeast donut with an attractive, dark finish. soft yeast donut with a finely pored texture;decorated with cocoa glaze
Vanilla Donut, glazed
Item no.: 36660
Weight: 68g
Attractively decorated yeast donut filled with delicious vanilla cream. finely pored yeast donut with a vanilla cream filling;white glaze with dark stripes
Nougat-Donut, glazed
Item no.: 36665
Weight: 68g
Melt-in-the-mouth nougat cream in a finely pored yeast donut with an appealing glaze. soft yeast donut filled with nougat cream;dark decoration with white stripes
Item no.: 36700
Weight: 55g
The popular varieties Pink Donut, Vanilla Donut and Nougat Donut in a mixed box. colourful mix of three popular varieties;deliciously filled Vanilla Donut and Nougat Donut;attractively glazed Pink Donut;easy handling due to packaging in trays
Dark Donut with Confetti Sprinkles
Item no.: 36705
Weight: 54g
Colourfully decorated, yeast-leavened donut - attractive and eye-catching. soft, finely pored, yeast-leavened donut;decorated with a dark, cocoa-based glaze;attractively and generously sprinkled with colourful sugar confetti
Gold in 2018
Yummy Muffin Double Chocolate
Item no.: 37641
Weight: 120g
Our real American muffin is temptation in its purest form: filled with nut nougat cream and decorated with two kinds of chocolate chunks. high mushroom shape;soft, moist cake;stays fresh for a long time;filled with sweet nut nougat cream;decorated with crunchy milk and dark Belgian chocolate chunks;In an attractive muffin wrap
Gold in 2018
Yummy Muffin Blueberry
Item no.: 37646
Weight: 120g
Fruity, moist and simply delicious: This blueberry muffin is a true classic. real American muffin with a high mushroom shape;light moist cake;filled with a blueberry fruit preparation with a high fruit content (60 %);lots of whole blueberries in the cake;decorated with butter crumble;In an attractive muffin wrap
Yummy Muffin Lemon-Choc
Item no.: 37651
Weight: 120g
Refreshingly zesty with tasty chocolate drops, this enticing muffin is simply irresistible. soft, light cake made according to an original American recipe;delicious composition of lemon and chocolate drops;with dark chocolate drops;in an attractive muffin wrap
Yummy Muffin Chocolate-Cheesecake
Item no.: 37676
Weight: 120g
Our moist chocolate muffin is fresh and chocolaty and has a cheesecake topping that melts in the mouth. light, moist chocolate mixture with fine chocolate drops;plenty of creamy cheesecake topping made with high-quality ingredients such as cream, quark and egg;decorated with crunchy dark chocolate chunks;the American favourite in a much-loved variation;handmade appearance

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