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Wolf ButterBack showered with DLG medals

Wolf ButterBack once again took up the challenge in 2017 and submitted 21 selected products for the independent quality checks conducted by the German Agricultural Society (DLG).

We are delighted to announce that the independent jury of experts were impressed with all 21 products. 14 products achieved Gold whilst 7 were awarded Silver.

Yummy Muffin Chocolate Cheesecake, Cinnamon Swirl, Large Nut Spiral, Sweetcorn Pastry, Cheese Spiral, Butter Ball Donut with Apricot Filling, Laugen Croissant, Laugen Multi-Grain Cornet, Croissant Royal, Bamberger Crescent, Pretzel Triangle, Butter Ball Donut with Raspberry and Redcurrant Filling, Chocolate and Vanilla Cream Crescent, Poppyseed and Quark Turnover

Keimkraft Croissant, Football Round (Raspberry Quark Basket), ButterBack Kipferl, Butter Quark Turnover, Strawberry Quark Basket, Cheese Twist, Marble Croissant

Which medals are awarded when?

Gold: The DLG Gold Award is given to products that meet all the test criteria.

Silver: Silver goes to products that deviate marginally within one test criterion but are otherwise flawless.

Bronze: The Bronze Award is given to products that deviate marginally within several test criteria or that deviate significantly in one test criterion.

Further information on the DLG test is available here.

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