A delicious Italian-style snack: Lightly fried courgette, aubergine and red pepper wrapped in a crisp snack pastry garnished with cheese and wood garlic.

Product attributes

  • savoury laminated yeast dough corner with typically Italian antipasti vegetables
  • very chunky filling with a delicate consistency
  • marinated vegetable mix refined with herb pesto
  • aromatic and appealing cheese and wood garlic topping

Suggested garnish

Already garnished with grated cheese and wood garlic.

1 x 50
ready to bake
  • only natural flavourings
  • no colouring agents
  • no flavour enhancers
  • no preservatives
  • no antioxidants
  • no hydrogenated fats/oils
  • Processing information
    Oven temperature165 - 175┬░C
    Overall baking time 20 - 22 min.
    Steam lots
    Baking Program
    Load the frozen pastries into a preheated oven (with vent closed) and bake with lots of steam. After 18 min. open the vent to give the pastries a crisp and crusty surface.