Our new products are here!

We are bringing you three new varieties this autumn. All we can reveal for now is that juicy apple, creamy caramel and fresh coconut all play a leading role. You can also look forward to several changes to our deep-fried donuts made with soft yeast-risen dough with butter.

Apple Caramel Slice

Launching this autumn, our innovative Apple Caramel Slice combines tasty on-trend ingredients.

This fruity sweet bakery product is based around a fine yeast-risen quark and butter dough that remains fresh for a long time after baking. The high apple content of the homemade, slightly chunky apple topping catches the eye. The pastry is filled with a caramel cream that lends it that extra something. Crunchy butter crumble completes the flavour of this pastry, whilst giving it a hand-made appearance.


On the basis of a flaky butter croissant pastry, we have created two new, on-trend products. The Temptation Caramel comes with a tasty cream filling with caramel and caramelised puffed rice, whilst the Temptation Coconut has a deliciously fresh and moist coconut filling.

Ball Donut Range

The wind of change has blown through our ball donut range:

  • Our popular variety with raspberry and redcurrant jam now also comes extra convenient with a delicious sugar topping. The product can be displayed for a long time as the sugar does not dissolve.
  • Some good news about producthandling: Our ball donuts are now delivered on individually packed trays. This not only enhances product safety but also makes it easier to divide the products between your bakery shops.