Our new products have arrived!

Appropriately for the season, an autumn breeze is blowing through our range. For the newcomer in our sweet filled pastries, the winning feature is a lusciously creamy cinnamon sugar filling. And two of our rustic croissants shine out with an updated look.

Cinnamon Sugar Loop

The Cinnamon Sugar Loop is a flaky butter pastry with a luscious filling of enjoyably sweet cinnamon sugar cream. Slits in the pastry sides make the generous filling readily visible from the outside. And a topping of crispy sugar crystals rounds off this delicious pastry perfectly. Each portion of dough is twisted by hand and then shaped into a loop. This also means that each pastry has an individual hand-crafted appearance.

The pastry weighs 130 g and comes in packs of 40 units.

Seeded classics

We have refined the proving and production process of the dough used in our seeded butter croissants to give them extra appeal. Both croissants now have a modern feel and the texture of the crumb after baking is more open.

The Pretzel Multi-Grain Cornet is now made with a butter-laminated multi-grain pastry containing linseeds, coarsely ground rye and wholemeal wheat flour. Its crispy, pretzel-style surface gives the pastry a rustic note but the crumb is soft and delicate. The new lightly spiced mix topping of sesame, golden flax and sunflower seeds gives a perfect finish, in terms of both appearance and flavour.

The Keimkraft Croissant still combines valuable ingredients that make it unique. It includes germ flour from nine different types of germ bud including spelt, millet and fenugreek that gives the croissant a pleasingly spicy aroma, while the outstanding water-retentive properties of the flour help it to stay fresh for a particularly long time. In addition, the multi-grain pastry contains a rich mixture of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, coarsely ground spelt and linseeds. The croissant has a new crispy decorative oatmeal topping.

These savoury croissants have unit weights of 85 g and 105 g respectively and are highly suitable for use as the basis for a filled snack, as they remain fresh for a long time even after slicing open.

Sweet Mini Pastries

All our sweet Mini Pastries now have a unit weight of 40 g. Only the Pain au Chocolat and the new Chocolate Bite in our Mini Butter Pastry Mix weigh 30 g.