Our new products have arrived!

Croissant pastry comes in many forms. Take, for example, the two newcomers to our range this spring – the square roll and the curved croissant. We are delighted to introduce them to you in our video.

Cheese Crusty

The Cheese Crusty is a savoury cheese roll made from butter croissant pastry for a light and soft texture. The tangy cheese décor consists of grated Gouda and Edam cheese and lends the pastry a crisp exterior. Its squareshape and lasting freshness after cutting make this cheese roll perfect for fillings.

The pastry has a unit weight of 105 g and comes in boxes of 2 x 46 units.

Croissant Royal, curved

The curved Croissant Royal is on the level of an epicurean croissant. The flaky French-style butter croissant is characterised by its subtle sweetness, its open-pored texture and clearly visible lamination. The 24 % butter content adds to its aromatic flavour. The pastry is already brushed with egg for an attractive sheen after baking without steam.

Each box contains 2 x 45 units with each pastry weighing 90 g.