New Managing Director

At the beginning of the year, Christian Tomasch, the long-standing Commercial Director Sales, Marketing & Product Development at Wolf ButterBack handed over his operational responsibilities to Dr. Björn Kahler. Tomasch will remain in the management board as spokesman, extending it to four members.

We wanted to introduce our new Managing Director, so we invited him to take part in an interview.


Dr. Kahler, you have just joined Wolf ButterBack’s Management Board as Commercial Director. How does it feel?
Quite honestly, no different than before. I’m sure I’ll start noticing the change as I assume my new responsibilities, but I guess it just feels good to be working for such a creative, solid and optimistic company.

What are your new responsibilities or, to put it another way, which business divisions are you looking after?
In addition to my former role looking after sales in Germany, I also focus on exports, marketing and product development.

What connects you to the Wolf ButterBack brand? What do you value most in this company?
In recent years, Wolf has evolved to such a great extent and I feel very lucky to have been able to evolve with it both personally and professionally. That’s why I feel such a strong connection to Wolf. Having moved to Wolf ButterBack from a large corporation, I really appreciate the very down-to-earth – in the best possible sense of the word – approach to working together, which is characterised by speed, flexibility, and transparency. It’s all too easy just to talk about customer proximity and customer-centricity; I see us as a company that actually lives by these values. It may not always be perfect, and it may sometimes lead to the odd discussion, but we’re always driven by the desire to achieve this goal.

Your close bond with this company is clear to see. How long have you been part of the Wolf ButterBack family?
I started at Wolf in 2012, originally as Export Manager for Northern and Eastern Europe.

A lot must have happened in almost a decade with the firm. Is there an experience at work that you particularly like to remember or perhaps one you would prefer to forget?
I can’t think of any one experience that stands out in my mind. It always fills me with great pleasure to see my colleagues reach their targets which we set together at the beginning of each year. It’s like taking that final step across the finish line after running a marathon.

That’s a lovely metaphor and gives us an idea of just how much energy and passion you pour into your work. How did you get involved in the food industry or more specifically the bakery goods industry? What do you like most about this sector?
It was all such a long time ago. I took up my first role in the deep-frozen bakery goods industry in 2005. What I like is that it’s such a heterogenous industry. There are so many bakery goods suppliers – from the little bakery on the corner to global corporations, using creativity, cooperation, productivity, diversity, and quality to compete for the best position on the market. And we all do it with products that we consume every day.

What is your favourite pastry?
Crème-Fraîche Round and Donut Ball with Raspberry and Redcurrant Jam.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I’m really looking forward to getting to know Wolf from a completely new angle.


The interview was conducted by Yara Schüder from the Marketing & Communication Department.