Brunch Boxes

Do you remember our article on The New Breakfast trend?
We have taken this somewhat theoretical idea a step further by putting it into practice. The result: 6 delicious Brunch Boxes which are guaranteed to send your customers into culinary raptures.  


Make a virtue of necessity

In recent months, lockdown has forced us to limit our contact with others and our leisure activities. The recent easing of restrictions is finally allowing us to meet up with friends and family on a grander scale. This is the perfect opportunity to make a virtue of necessity. The upcoming bank holidays will give us the chance to spend more time with our loved ones in the comfort of our own homes.


Easy to do

Meet your customers halfway by putting together tasty Brunch Boxes for these memorable get togethers. A colourful mix of basic toppings and fillings, pastries, sweet treats, healthy snacks and drinks provide a hungry heart with all that it desires. Each box can be based on a different theme.

Our technical advisor Thomas Link presents his 6 favourite themes:

  • Classic Brunch Box
  • Fitness Brunch Box
  • Italian Brunch Box
  • French Brunch Box
  • Scandinavian Brunch Box
  • Vegetarian Brunch Box

Higher revenues can be generated for each food package. It is also possible to keep a handle on costs if the boxes can be pre-ordered.


Let’s get going

Want to know what makes each variety unique? Simply go to the Tasty Tips in our Customer Service Portal where we have listed all the products in every box. Why not take a look right now?