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Croissant Royal, 67g
Item no.: 39500
Weight: 67g
This finely flaked croissant contains 24% butter and is synonymous with the French way of life. Straight French butter croissant;Typically crispy character, open pored and clearly visible lamination;24% butter content;Shiny egg-brushed appearance;Perfect for baking without steam
Silver in 2018
ButterBack Kipferl
Item no.: 39502
Weight: 80g
The pure pleasure of a buttery crescent! delicate laminated butter yeast dough;the high butter content (24 %) adds to the delicious taste and keeps the crescent fresh for longer;very moist and only slightly sweetened;ideal for open sandwiches
Gold in 2018
Laugen Multi-Grain Cornet
Item no.: 39503
Weight: 80g
A pastry with grains laminated with butter, generously salted, ideal for many spreads and fillings or simply on its own! a multi-grain pastry laminated with butter, with linseeds, whole rye, whole wheat flour;stays fresh for a long time even after cutting and spreading;pretzel-style savoury taste;garnished with a harmoniously seasoned grain mix;deliciously crispy exterior
Keimkraft Croissant
Item no.: 39504
Weight: 105g
Deliciously aromatic wholegrain croissant containing the vital energy of sprouted flour. Butter Croissant with whole pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, bruised spelt grain and linseeds;Made with sprouted flour containing 9 different sprouted grains, e.g. spelt, millet and fenugreek;Particularly aromatic;The baked product stays fresh for a long time;Sprinkled with bruised spelt grain
Spelt Croissant
Item no.: 39505
Weight: 100g
This croissant combines the special flavour of spelt with a fine, moist crumb. 70% of the cereal products used are spelt flour and spelt bran;with sprouted and ground linseeds;stays fresh for a long time thanks to the pastry’s ability to bind water
Croissant Royal with Apricot Filling
Item no.: 39507
Weight: 90g
A crispy and fruity delight: our fine flaky butter croissant with a delicious apricot fruit filling. straight French butter croissant;pleasantly sweet apricot filling with 40% fruit;shiny egg-brushed appearance;sprinkled with bake-proof sugar crystals;perfect for baking without steam
Croissant Royal with Nougat Filling
Item no.: 39508
Weight: 90g
Deliciously creamy nougat filling in a fine flaky butter croissant. straight French butter croissant;with a nut nougat filling that melts in the mouth;shiny egg-brushed appearance;attractively decorated with dark chocolate sprinkles;perfect for baking without steam
Croissant Royal with Chocolate-Cream
Item no.: 39552
Weight: 90g
Finely flaked butter croissant combined with a delicious chocolate cream – pure indulgence. straight, French butter croissant;filled with an aromatic chocolate cream;shiny egg-brushed appearance ;attractively decorated with dark chocolate sprinkles;perfect for baking without steam

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