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Mini Cheese Spiral
Item no.: 39032
Weight: 65g
Crispy yet moist with two different cheeses. moist laminated yeast dough spiral;filled with mozzarella cream;topped with a slice of gouda;a popular snack in a handy mini format
Mini Twister Trio "Snack"
Item no.: 39037
Weight: 55 g
Mini twisted puff pastry sticks with three delicious savoury fillings: tomato, cheese and spinach/leek. Crispy butter puff pastry;Attractive shape with visible fillings;Well seasoned tomato, cheese and spinach/leek fillings made to our own recipes;Sprinkled with various garnishes;The products can all be baked on one program;Stays fresh for a long time after baking;Ideal for mixed bags;Perfect with salads, soups or as finger food
Mini Butter Pastry Mix
Item no.: 39038
Weight: 40 g
Mouth-watering miniature pastries in four different varieties: Mini Quark Turnover, Mini Nut Spiral, Mini Apple Basket and Mini Vanilla Cream Pastry four popular fillings in a high-quality laminated yeast dough;homemade fillings based on tried-and-tested recipes;all 4 products can be baked together on one program;stays fresh for a long time after baking;ideal for mixed treat bags;perfect for breakfast, tea breaks at conferences or as sweet finger food
Mini Butter Croissant
Item no.: 39060
Weight: 35g
A buttery miniature delight. with a fine buttery croissant flavour;remains fresh for a long time after baking;a flexible product which can be offered as a small breakfast croissant or in a varied mini pastry mix
Mini Laugen Multi-Grain Cornet
Item no.: 39061
Weight: 35g

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